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2021 CPMA Virtual Clinical Conference

The Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) hosted its first Annual Virtual Clinical Conference. Over 200 attendees included podiatrists from across North America and beyond. CPMA President Dr. James Hill with Drs. Howard Green, Joe Stern, and Robert Chelin were all co-chairs of the program. Speakers included prominent podiatrists and medical doctors from both Canada and the USA. With a vast array of topics in our scientific program, the event was kicked off with our Keynote session by Charles Lynde, MD, a renowned Canadian dermatologist. Topics varied from the management and care of skin issues surrounding mask and glove wearing to healthcare providers; stress management and mental health; amputation prevention in the diabetic population; podiatric and orthopaedic surgery; treatment of musculoskeletal injuries utilizing extracorporeal shockwave therapy; radiology, and much more.

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