Robert Chelin, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine has been on the cutting edge of the Podiatric profession in Canada for many years. Thanks to the attention that Robert has attracted from the Media, he has been able to introduce new surgical procedures and the latest in technology and innovations to the Canadian public.

To accomplish his vision, Robert Chelin DPM has relied upon the far reach, the impact and the credibility of today’s Media. He believes that the Media is a very powerful tool which can be used to inform and educate the public as to the latest medical breakthroughs that may impact ones daily life.

Robert Chelin DPM has appeared on television, has been written up and quoted in many newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on a variety of radio talk shows.

Below are some examples of Robert’s Media appearances:  

Publications - Magazines and Newspapers


Press Release

Robert Chelin DPM First Canadian Surgeon to Perform Revolutionary Implant Surgery   Click Here

Radio Appearances

John Hesling Talk Radio  - CFRB
Health Show hosted by Mike Stafford- CFRB
Spyder Jones Sports Talk- Talk 640
The Michael Coren Show - CFRB 
as well as CBC and CHUM Radio