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Microwave Technology for treatment of Plantar Warts

Background: Human papilloma virus (HPV) infects keratinocytes of the skin and mucous membranes, and is associated with the induction of cutaneous warts (verrucae) and malignancy. Warts can induce significant morbidity and disability but most therapies, including cryotherapy, laser, and radiofrequency devices show low efficacy and induce discomfort through tissue destruction. Microwaves are readily capable of passing through highly keratinised skin to deliver energy and induce heating of the tissue in a highly controllable, uniform manner.

Objectives: To determine the effects of microwave on cutaneous HPV infection. Materials & meth- ods: We undertook a pilot study of microwave therapy to the skin in 32 consecutive individuals with 52 recalcitrant long-lived viral cutaneous warts. Additionally, we undertook a molecular characterisation of the effects of microwaves on the skin.

Results: Tissue inflammation was minimal, but 75.9% of lesions cleared which compares favourably with previous studies showing a clearance rate of 23-33% for cryotherapy or salicylic acid. We show that microwaves specifically induce dendritic cell cross-presentation of HPV antigen to CD8+ T cells and suggest that IL-6 may be important for DC IRF1 and IRF4 modulation to enhance this process. Conclusion: Keratinocyte-skin dendritic cell cross-talk is integral to host defence against HPV infections, and this pilot study sup- ports the concept of microwave induction of anti-HPV immunity which offers a promising approach for treatment of HPV-induced viral warts and potentially HPV-related cancers.


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Digital X-ray

Diagnostic Quality – Display crystal clear images, fast!

In addition, digital imaging technology is the true meaning of an integrated solution. It is paired with the superior image processing software XCTM. With the robust and feature-rich XC, you get superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images to the physician’s preference.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Technology

This Extracororeal technology has been the standard for office based low-energy Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) in Canada since 2001. Aesthetics in Podiatry was one of the first clinics to employ this technology for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and morton's neuroma. 

Controlled Micro Penatration (CMP) for Nail Fungus

A simple solution to a complex problem.

Clearanail is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), that makes tiny holes in the nail plate.

The holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentration levels than otherwise possible.

Fast; results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks

Single treatment

For more information click here.

Clearanail CMP (002).png

Magnetic Bio-Stimulation

The therapeutic effect of Magnetic Bio-stimulation is based on its stimulation of circulation, and the exchange of ions between the inner and outer cell wall. Both of these contribute to the overall functioning of the cell, and the whole body. The ability to have an effect at the cellular level is unique to magnetic field therapy, enabling it to reach parts of the body that other treatment methods cannot reach.

Magnetic Bio-Stimulation is a safe, proven method to increases blood flow and oxygenation to promote healing.


Conditions treated with Magnetic Stimulation:

  • Fractures (especially non union)

  • Connective  tissue repair

  • Delayed wound and bone healing

  • Sports injuries

  • Decubitus ulcers

  • Chronic and degenerative conditions

  • Acute and chronic inflammation

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