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Over the last several years there has been overwhelming news (20/20 and 60 Minutes) pointing to evidence of an increasing number of foot and leg infections and sometimes even deaths related to the basic pedicure service from establishment all over North America. Robert Chelin, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, felt it was time to address this issue in Canada by taking it to the next level. By doing so he feels that we have an opportunity to eliminate the multitude of pedicure related foot infections that he sees in his practice on a daily basis.

In November of 2006 Robert Chelin opened up the first of his “Designer Feet Boutiques” in the Durham region (Whitby) followed by Toronto in 2011. Within his practice facilities he has dedicated specific treatment rooms for this service. His professional staff of  aestheticians’  were hand picked and trained to his specifications, providing them with the knowledge ,skill, and expertise in providing the highest level of infection control but still a relaxing and soothing service.    

With his introduction of the “Medi Pedi”, Robert Chelin feels that this will take the basic pedicure service to the next level and ensure that his patients as well as the community at large will get a higher level of professional care. Using the latest nail care products, he feels that we will be able to protect the nail surface and cuticles from bacteria, fungus and a multitude of viruses that attack the nail surface. Each client on their very first visit receives their very own foot care kit which is serviced, maintained, and sterilized between each and every visit, by our trained support staff. Our footbaths are cleaned and maintained regularly using the highest quality in infection control products.  

Even though this Podiatric Medical service sounds sterile and hygienic we are still able to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing treatment. Using a variety of scented oils in this service you will have a very calming experience. Our massaging Euro Spa chairs both relaxes and soothes all of your muscles. Julie Hardy and Lilya Ankudinova our aestheticians, are friendly and very knowledgeable.  Other services also include manicures, waxing and hair removal, reflexology and hot stone treatments.  

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