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Aesthetics in Podiatry Toronto Podiatrist

      Aesthetics in Podiatry
Aesthetics in Podiatry
Robert Chelin DPM Toronto Podiatrist

Robert Chelin, DPM


Is the Past President and current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP) and is a current Board member of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA).

Robert Chelin DPM (Podiatrist) received his doctorate degree from the Dr William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine (SCPM) in Chicago, Illinois in 1982 and has been providing podiatric services to the residents of Ontario for over 32 years.

His mandate at his practice “Aesthetics in Podiatry” where he is the owner and clinical director, is to “reduce pain, increase function and improve the foot’s appearance” is consistent with his interest in the cosmetic enhancement and improvement of the functioning foot.

Robert’s mandate has led him to attain and develop specific training and skills in minimal incision/traumatic foot surgery as well as surgical skills in the correction of hyperpronation and flatfeet utilizing the Hyprocure sub-talar joint implant. Robert terms this procedure as the “internal orthotic”

He introduced the use of Hyaluronate (HA) volumetric fillers into the foot to the Canadian public on the TV program Cosmetic Innovations in 2001. Today more and more of his colleagues are doing so in Canada and the United States. The use of cosmetic HA volumetric fillers in the foot has been coined “pillows for your feet”. These fillers can provide relief from the painful callous build up on the bottom of the foot as well as formation of painful corns between and on the toes.  

Just a few of the other services his clinic provides include: Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) for the treatment of chronic heel pain, prescription foot orthosis using the recently introduced 3-D optical scanners for the correction of bio-mechanical imbalances and the latest imaging techniques using digital and fluroscopic image capture.

Robert is also the clinical director of the “Designer Feet Boutique” where his team of licensed Estheticians provide hygenic podiatric medical pedicures (medi-pedi)using safest nail care products. Our reflexology and hot stone treatments not only relax you but can improve the blood flow to the lower extremity.

Robert Chelin DPM has volunteered his time as a clinician at the Princess Margaret's 60km walk for Breast Cancer on a yearly basis. By providing clinical care with his colleagues to the walkers he has been able to help many participants reach their goal. Robert Chelin DPM has also been instrumental in getting the Special Olympics "Fit Feet" screening program off the ground in Canada.. Robert feels by doing these foot screenings we have been able to identify a significant amount of foot pathology that has been undetected and untreated in individuals with intellectual disabilities.

  Aesthetics in Podiatry Volunteers

Volunteers for 2007 Princess Margaret
60km walk for Breast Cancer

Aesthetics in Podiatry Olympic Screening

Chelin participating at SPECIAL OLYMPICS screening in Ottawa

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